Distinguished colleagues and friends:
Valvular heart disease has become one of the major obstacles of human life and health, for its prevalence keeps increasing along with the tendency of population aging. However, a new era has emerged through the development of transcatheter intervention for valvular heart disease. In recent years, transcatheter valvular intervention in China (China Valve) is growing by leaps and bounds, and making remarkable achievements.
To boost the further development of transcatheter valvular intervention in China, and provide the platform of international collaboration, the 5th China Valve (Hangzhou) conference will be held on Apr. 19th through Apr. 21st , 2019, at The Dragon Hotel, Hangzhou, China. China Valve (Hangzhou) 2019 is organized by the Second A­liated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine (SAHZU), in collaboration with the Catheter Interventions in Congenital, Structural and Valvular Heart Diseases (CSI). World-class speakers from China and abroad are going to give excellent lectures and demonstrations in this conference.
China Valve (Hangzhou) 2019 will provide systematic workshops for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), including echocardiographic evaluation, CT analysis, anesthetic strategies, and then practice on various types of TAVR simulators. Participants could learn details of the procedure “step by step” through watching recorded and live cases demonstration. Recommendations and complications such as access selection, coronary artery occlusion, paravalvular leakage, strategies for high risk TAVR with be discussed in the sessions of “Learn from the Masters”. Series of educational, challenging and nightmare cathlab cases will be presented to enrich your experience.
The forum of innovation is going to introduce the latest progresses in transcatheter mitral and tricuspid valve intervention, and exhibit new generation of devices. We are going to provide systematic training courses for those centers planning for TAVR procedure, creating chances of improvement for those centers with limited TAVR experiences, and build platforms of communication and cooperation for experienced TAVR centers. We will put every effort of us to benefit the patients with valvular heart diseases.
We are looking forward to having you together with us in China Valve (Hangzhou) 2019, and to enjoying the feast of transcatheter valvular interventions!
Sincerely Yours,
Course President: Junbo Ge
Course Directors: Jian’an Wang;Horst Sievert